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World's Greatest "Dads" are at Grafenberg Sketch & Improv Theater

Thursday March 12th, The Dads (Best Worst Cantina) will be coming to The Grafenberg Sketch Comedy & Improv Theater as part of their Fancy Mayonnaise Improv And Sketch Comedy Showcase. The show is free at 8:00 PM.

About The Dads: Best Worst Cantina Proudly Presents: The Dads.

The Dad's are three men who get to be away from the family for a night. These men not only bring home the bacon but they serve up comedy burgers on iron enriched buns. Come on down, they won't take "Ok Boomer," for an answer. The Dad's are @jackyd62 (Dave Jackson), @itsbutlertime (Dave Sampson) and @garymillerbwc (Dave Garrison) Our first show will be @grafenbergscit every 2nd Thursday starting March 12th until June.

About The Show:

All ages are welcome, but the content is uncensored. We also offer beverages and high fives.

Our theater is a small little black box in the Baker neighborhood in Denver on the South Broadway strip. We're close to tons of restaurants, boutiques, bars and a Goodwill so there's no shortage of something to do beforehand."

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