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The Devil's Lettuce" Accepted into the Trash Film Festival in Croatia

Dear horror-comedy enthusiasts,

We are excited to announce that our short film, "The Devil's Lettuce," has been officially accepted into the esteemed Trash Film Festival in Croatia.

The Trash Film Festival is an international celebration of low-budget movies, focusing exclusively on action, martial arts, science-fiction, and horror genres. The festival encourages exaggeration in genre attributes for maximum entertainment value.

The most coveted award at the festival is the Golden Chainsaw, presented for Best Action, Best Martial-Arts, Best SF, Best Horror, and Best movie chosen by the audience.

The Trash Film Festival is not just a film review; it's a glamorous trash event where all attendees, including guests, organizers, performers, and contestants, actively participate in concerts, kitsch parties, and red carpet events.

Mark your calendars for September 6th to September 9th, 2023, as the festival takes place at the renowned Kino Gaj in Croatia.

"The Devil's Lettuce" promises to be a devilishly entertaining horror-comedy, competing for the Best Horror movie title and the prestigious Golden Chainsaw award.

Stay tuned for further updates and behind-the-scenes insights as we prepare for this thrilling event.

Film Credits:

Directed, Written, & Performed by: Gary John Miller

Cinematography by: Ben Humphrey

Makeup and Creature Design by: Kevon Ward

Production Assistant and Actor: Sam Butler


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