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The Dads Invite you To The Vintage Theater on August 30th

Performing with The Dads has been one of my favorite parts of my comedy and creative career. There is something so rewarding about creating something from start to finish that just scratches the itch of the writer and actor in me. It's been fun getting back into the world and doing what we love and that is making people laugh.

We've had a bunch of fun this summer performing at The Chaos Bloom and producing our comedy show at The Mirage. The Mirage could not have been more fun and we're so grateful to the venue for helping us put on such a great event.


I have even returned to doing stand up at my own pace again. I never predicted a pandemic but taking time off was the best thing for me. Stand up got me into everything and I owe that medium so much respect and love. I truly believe it's one of the hardest mediums of art to pursue.

I digress.

What I'm extremely excited to invite you guys to is The Dads show at the Vintage Theater in Aurora, CO.


We will be there on Wednesday August 30th at 7:30 PM and we are so damn excited to perform an hour and a half of sketch comedy for you guys. We have sketches that touch on topics from entrepreneurial ride share drivers, overzealous motivational speakers, town hall meetings in a small town, and of course THE DAVES.

We invite you to get your tickets early to get your table and to come and enjoy a cocktail like a Dadhattan, a Marteeny, or a Subourbon.

The Dads Comedy Show at the Vintage Theater with Gary John Miller, Jack Anderson, Ben Hilzer, and Sam Butler


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