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The Dads: Daddy Road is now Available through Patreon

Step right up, grab your fedoras, and gather 'round as we unveil the latest spectacle to hit the airwaves – "The Dads: Daddy Road" Sketch Comedy Special! In a world where chuckles and chortles reign supreme, our Dads take you on a rib-tickling journey through the chaotic highways of parenthood.

Behind the Scenes of "The Dads: Daddy Road": Picture yourself in the cozy confines of your living room, the flickering glow of the tube illuminating your eager faces. The Dads, those modern jesters of domesticity, invite you to partake in a comedic escapade.

💸 Exclusive Entry for a Paltry $5: Now, here's the scoop – for the mere price of a soda pop and a bag of buttery popcorn, you can secure your golden ticket to "The Dads: Daddy Road" on our illustrious Patreon page. For just $5, you not only become a patron of the comedic arts but gain exclusive access to this laugh-out-loud extravaganza.

📢 How to Tune In:

  1. 🎙️ Teleport to the Digital Era: Journey over to our Patreon lair, where you can pledge your support and unlock the comedy vault, all from the comfort of your favorite armchair.

  2. 🍿 Popcorn and Revelry: Stock up on the essentials – popcorn, soda pop, and maybe even a snazzy bowtie – as you prepare to be regaled by the Dads' on-screen antics.

By pledging a mere $5 on our Patreon page, you are not only unlocking the doors to "The Dads: Daddy Road" but ensuring that the laughter echoes far beyond this comedy special. Your support fuels the creation of more art, allowing us to dream bigger, laugh louder, and share the joy with the world.


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