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Talking About Cartoons From the '90's

My guest on the Gary Miller Show this episode is the generous Jason Head.


Jason and I discussed watching television cartoons from the '90s. If you might remember it was a glorious time to be a child as Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network were competing with Disney and an assortment of other channels to grab a hold of the attention of an entire generation. We discussed watching Batman Beyond and Recess as well as Hey Arnold. While we didn't get to talk about every single cartoon in existence and I didn't even bring up Swat Cats for instance we did talk about some 80's cartoons as well. Jason also talked about how Recess and Hey Arnold gave him a lens into what school looked like as he was home-schooled.

I first met Jason on set and we have worked together multiple times including playing with toys on a commercial for Voodoo Ranger Action Figures so this was right up our alley. Jason is also an actor and voice actor. He can be heard in Unexplainable from the DMT boys.

My childhood was full of cartoons and my dad frequently said, "back in my day we only had cartoons on Saturday".

Of course, this was after a week of walking 5 miles to school in the snow with no shoes on, so you know how it goes.


Were there any other cartoons I missed?

I can think of quite a few.


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