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Star Wars Fan Ruins Movies For His Nephew

Melvin Biggley, a 40-something nerd from the suburbs, was thrilled to finally share his love of Star Wars with his 10-year-old nephew, Timmy. Melvin had been waiting for this day for years, ever since Timmy was born, and had already planned out the perfect movie marathon.

However, things quickly took a turn for the worse when Melvin began criticizing every little detail of the films, from the special effects to the costumes. He even went as far as to mock the iconic opening crawl, telling Timmy it was "lazy storytelling."

Timmy was confused and overwhelmed, and soon found himself hating the movies he was supposed to love. "I don't get it, Uncle Melvin," he said, "I thought Star Wars was supposed to be cool."

Melvin's toxic attitude towards the franchise had ruined Timmy's first experience with Star Wars. He had become the very thing he swore to destroy: a jaded and entitled fan who couldn't enjoy anything new or different.

Melvin's obsession with the original trilogy had blinded him to the fact that Star Wars was for everyone, not just for him and his fellow "true fans." It was a lesson he learned too late, as Timmy had already lost interest and moved on to other things.

In the end, Melvin realized that his love of Star Wars had turned into something toxic and damaging, and he vowed to change his ways. He started by apologizing to Timmy and promised to let him discover the magic of Star Wars on his own terms.

The two of them are scheduled to watch The Mandalorian Season 3 next week.

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