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Scientists Renaming Jimmy Eat World's 'The Middle' After Discovering It's Actually Not the Middle

In a stunning scientific revelation, researchers have discovered that Jimmy Eat World's hit song "The Middle" is no longer accurately titled, as it is not the middle anymore.

According to a team of scientists at the National Center for Music Research, the middle of popular music has shifted significantly since the song was released in 2001. After conducting extensive data analysis, the team found that the current middle of popular music is now closer to songs with a slower tempo and more simplistic melody.

Scientist discovers, lab, white coat, asian doctor, Jimmy Eat World
Lead Researcher Dr. Michael Rocknrolla

In response to this groundbreaking discovery, the scientists have proposed renaming the song to "The Former Middle" or "The Once-Was Middle." However, they are facing pushback from diehard Jimmy Eat World fans who believe the original title should remain untouched.

"We understand that this news may be difficult for some fans to accept," said Dr. Sarah Jenkins, lead researcher on the project. "But as scientists, we must follow the data and adapt our understanding of the world around us."

Jimmy Eat World has yet to comment on the proposed name change, but some sources close to the band have hinted that they may be considering a re-recording of the song with updated lyrics to reflect the new middle of popular music.

Regardless of the outcome, this scientific discovery has sent shockwaves through the music industry and raised important questions about the nature of music trends and evolution.

Scientists at NASA are also currently trying to figure out which World Jimmy Eat as it was never explained fully.

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