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OPINION: Hey, You Can Have Sex To This Song

Michael Jenkins, Author

My adult life has been largely a sham. I admit I've put certain things in boxes and my own prejudices have kept me from living life to the fullest. I'm talking of course about Kenny Loggins & Michael McDonald's, "This is It".

This whole time I though you just danced to this song or let it motivate you into being a better person. I'd sit in my room and let the stereo blare it over and over until the words sunk into me as if my soul was dry dying soil in need of a downpour. I've listened to this song while doing chores; It's my go to. No matter what playlist, this song kicks it off. I recently listened to this song while I was performing a chore; to be specific I listened to this song while doing laundry. I love a good Kenny Loggins session when I'm busting out the Tide and getting those garments minty fresh. It wasn't until I was doing laundry when my wife started making moves on me. At first I was like, no.

Of course.

When it's time to work, I work.

I don't like to mix Loggins, Laundry, and Lovemaking. Call me old fashioned but those are my principles. My wife slapped my butt and I immediately knew she wanted to make whoopee. Oh boy.

That's just the rules in our marriage. The butt touch will tell you everything. It was the kind of slap that stayed on my butt long enough to warrant a return butt slap. She grabbed a cupful! We made my oldest son Jeff after a similar butt slap. He's currently working in the Insurance industry and we couldn't be prouder.

I looked at the unfolded clothes on top of the dryer and threw them off. After getting a step stool, I got my wife up on the dryer and used the step stool to mount her. We both are short, but when there's a will there is a way. We made love for almost the entirety of this song and I have got to say, What a way to spice it up! Next time we might even have sex to, "Danger Zone".


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