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NBA Star Brad Johnson Blames Teammates for Loss, but They Say He Keeps Dropping the Ball

NBA superstar Bradwell Johnson feels frustrated after another tough loss in last night's game. According to Johnson, the game would have gone a lot differently if only his teammates had passed him the ball more often.

"I'm the best player on this team, no doubt about it," Johnson told reporters after the game. "But my teammates keep missing the opportunity to get me the ball. We would have won that game easily if they had just passed me the ball more."

However, Johnson's teammates tell a different story, claiming that they pass him the ball, but he keeps dropping it.

"We trust Brad with the ball, but sometimes he just can't seem to hold onto it," said Johnson's teammate, Mike Thompson. "We're all working together to win, but it's hard when we keep turning the ball over."

Assistant coach, Sarah Martinez, echoed Thompson's sentiment.

"We all want to win, and we know Brad is a great player," Martinez said. "But sometimes he just needs to focus on holding onto the ball and making the plays he's capable of."

Despite his teammates' criticisms, Johnson remains confident in his abilities and believes that he's being underutilized on the court.

"I know what I'm capable of, and I just need my teammates to recognize that," Johnson said. "If they can get me the ball more often, I know I can lead us to victory."

Only time will tell if Johnson's teammates will heed his advice and give him the ball more often or if they'll continue working together to improve their performance on the court.

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