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Local Man Shocks Office Pool with Accidentally Correct NCAA Bracket Picks

Local man, Dave Johnson, is celebrating his unexpected success in this year's NCAA basketball tournament. Despite making all the wrong picks on his bracket, Johnson's predictions have miraculously turned out to be correct due to the numerous upsets throughout the tournament.

I think this is a Knicks game

"I can't believe it," Johnson exclaimed, "I thought I was totally out of the running, but every time a higher-seeded team lost, I moved up in the standings."

Johnson's bracket was filled with a slew of incorrect picks, from 15th-seeded Princeton over second-seeded Arizona to 16th-seeded Fairley Dickinson (Sp?) over first-seeded Purdue. However, as upset after upset occurred, Johnson's bracket remained intact, propelling him to the top of his office pool.

"I was feeling pretty down about my picks at first. I accidentally bubbled in who I thought would lose, but then I started seeing all these crazy results, and I thought, 'maybe I'm onto something here,'" Johnson said with a laugh.

The unexpected success has given Johnson a newfound appreciation for the game of basketball and the unpredictability of March Madness. "I used to think it was all about picking the best teams and analyzing the stats, but now I realize it's all about luck and chaos," he said.

Johnson's victory has inspired others to embrace the chaos of March Madness and not take their bracket picks too seriously. "I used to stress out so much about getting every pick right, but now I see that it's more fun just to embrace the madness and enjoy the ride," said fellow office pool participant Sarah Thompson.

As for Johnson, he's already looking forward to next year's tournament and is planning to make even more wrong picks, including playing the stock market. "Who knows, maybe lightning will strike twice," he said with a grin.

Dave Johnson, smug bastard

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