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Great Giana Sisters: The Movie - Our Shameless Attempt to Cash in on Super Mario Bros.

As a movie executive, I always keep my eyes open for opportunities to cash in on the latest trends. So when I saw the recent buzz around the upcoming Super Mario Bros movie with Chris Pratt as Mario, I knew I had to act fast. But why bother with licensing deals and all that when we could just rip off the concept and make our own movie? And so, The Asylum proudly presents our latest cinematic masterpiece: The Great Giana Sisters Movie.

Now, I know what you're thinking. "What the heck is a Giana Sister?" Well, let me explain. The Great Giana Sisters was a classic 1987 video game that was shamelessly copied from Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. But that's not important. What matters is that we're making a movie out of it, and we're going to ride the coattails of that new Mario movie to box office glory.

We've got some big names attached to this project, let me tell you. I mean, sure, Chris Pratt might be voicing Mario in the other movie, but we've got the star power of... well, we haven't quite finalized our cast yet, but we're thinking about reaching out to Lindsay Lohan or maybe even Paris Hilton. Trust me, they'll jump at the chance to be in this movie.

But here's the kicker: we're not going to bother with licensing or anything like that. We're just going to blatantly rip off the Super Mario Bros concept and hope nobody notices. And even if they do, we'll just argue that The Great Giana Sisters was its own thing and totally not a ripoff of Mario. It's foolproof!

Unfortunately, it seems that Nintendo has caught wind of our little scheme and they're threatening to sue us for copyright infringement. But hey, any publicity is good publicity, right? We're just going to lean into it and play up the underdog angle. After all, everyone loves an underdog story, and what's more underdog than a movie studio fighting against the evil corporate machine that is Nintendo?

So there you have it, folks. The Great Giana Sisters Movie: coming soon to a theater near you (unless we get sued into oblivion).


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