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Famous Red Head Accused of Stealing Burger Jingle

Ed Sheeran was recently found to have not copied Marvin Gaye by a jury but another famous redhead is in hot water.


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Not Ed Sheeran

In a shocking turn of events, beloved hamburger thief The Hamburgler has been accused of stealing the iconic jingle "Whopper, Whopper" from rival fast food chain Burger King. The Hamburgler, who recently released his debut rap album "Grillin' and Stealin'", has been under fire since fans noticed a suspiciously familiar melody in his hit single "Burgers on Lock".

Burger King representatives have issued a statement denouncing The Hamburglar's alleged theft. "We at Burger King take our intellectual property very seriously, and we will not stand for this blatant act of plagiarism," the statement read.

Meanwhile, The Hamburglar's legal team has denied any wrongdoing, claiming that the jingle in question is a common melody that has been used in various forms of media for decades. They also pointed out that The Hamburgler's song features original lyrics and is a tribute to the art of burger-making, rather than an attempt to profit off of Burger King's success.

Fans of The Hamburglar have been divided on the issue. Some argue that the jingle is too iconic to be used without permission, while others believe that it's simply a catchy melody that should be free for anyone to use.

ed sheeran,
Not The Hamburglar

The controversy has sparked a debate about the use of copyrighted material in music and other forms of media. Some have pointed out the hypocrisy of Burger King, which has faced its own accusations of copying other fast food chains' menu items in the past.

At the time of writing, The Hamburglar has not commented on the controversy, and it is unclear whether Burger King plans to take legal action against him.

In the world of fast food mascots and rap music, it seems that anything can happen. Whether The Hamburgler is guilty of stealing the "Whopper, Whopper" jingle or not, one thing is certain: his debut album is certainly making waves in the industry. Whether it's for better or for worse, only time will tell.

EDITORS NOTE: In a recent blunder, a journalist mistook the infamous hamburger thief, Hamburglar, for the famous musician Ed Sheeran. The mistake was made during a press conference where Hamburglar announced his new burger-themed rap album. The journalist, who was expecting to interview Sheeran about his latest album, was left red-faced when he realized his mistake. When asked to comment on the mix-up, Hamburglar responded with a sly grin, "I guess you could say we both have a way with stealing the show.

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