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A Novice Guide to Getting Published as a Photographer in a Magazine

Getting published in a magazine is a dream for many photographers, including myself. As a hobby photographer, I was thrilled when my fashion and boudoir photography was published in a magazine for the first time. Here are some tips on how to get your photography published in a magazine.

  1. Find the right magazine: Do your research and find magazines that feature the type of photography you do. Look at the magazine's submission guidelines and make sure your work fits their criteria.

  2. Submit your best work: Only submit your best work for consideration. Choose images that showcase your skills and creativity.

  3. Write a compelling pitch: Along with your images, write a pitch that explains why your work is a good fit for the magazine. Be clear and concise, and highlight the unique aspects of your photography.

  4. Follow up: If you haven't heard back from the magazine after a few weeks, follow up with a polite email. Don't be pushy, but remind them of your submission and express your continued interest in being published in their magazine.

  5. Celebrate your success: Getting published in a magazine is a big accomplishment, so celebrate your success! Share the news with your friends and followers, and use it as motivation to continue improving your photography skills.

Overall, getting published in a magazine requires patience, perseverance, and hard work. Keep honing your photography skills, and don't be discouraged if you don't get accepted right away. Keep submitting your work and eventually, you will achieve your goal of being published in a magazine.

I've been fortunate to be published multiple times! I'm really grateful for the people I've worked with. If you are interested in working with me please let me know.

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