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Neon Unicorn (Neon Demon Parody)


The Tall Tale: Famous director Nikolaj P. Gunderson brings you a tale of love, murder, and fashion in The Neon Unicorn. Megan Elisabeth Kelly stars as a woman who finds herself in love with her former imaginary friend, Mr. Chuckles. She finds herself torn between the literal half-man-half-unicorn man of her dreams and the half-man-half-model man of her reality. What will she choose?


The neon Unicorn starring Megan Elisabeth Kelly

The True Story: A while back my friends at Angotango pictures wanted to do a parody of The Neon Demon trailer. I certainly don' have the eye Anthony Ngo does behind a camera but I wanted to help anyway I could. I had a unicorn mask to offer and I love seeing things through.

We contacted our friend Megan Elisabeth Kelly and pitched our idea.

"Hey Megan, we have a unicorn mask and we were wondering if you'd like to take some photos with it?"

She agreed to it and we asked the talented Marla Keown to come take said photos. Both were more excited than we were. Marla will generally assure you with a bombatious laugh that she wants to do something. We got together and filmed our movie.

Moral of the story, make friends with people who beleive in your crazy ideas enough to follow through.




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