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Divorced Dad Calls Son Down For Dinner

Hey hope your Monday has been well. I'm currently sipping a cup of coffee and getting ready to record a podcast. I've been hibernating since last fall. I've had a year to accumulate fat both under and over my belt. I've been called Girthy Gary by the forest creatures. People tell you not to let yourself get fat, I disagree. Take a fat year. In my fat year I learned a lot about how funny one can look naked. Life's about getting better. Here's a list for this week.


1. if you haven't yet, go watch Army & Coop. It's on Amazon and Itunes. If you visit their website, you can win free beer for a year. I like beer, that's how I got fat.


2. Grafenberg opened this past weekend, it's a brand spankin new comedy theater near Coors Field off 21st and Larimer. This coming Saturday begins a series of performances every Saturday at 8 PM until December 29th. Tickets are $12. They got a bunch of different shows every week.

Grafenberg 303's and Heartbreaks


3. A divorced dad calls his son down for dinner. Performed at Benjiy Dobrin Studios as part of a larger set and their First Friday art walk performances on Santa Fe in Denver, CO. Performing in the round. Most of the audience was not in camera view, which means I could totally lie and pipe in audience noise like those damned Seattle Seahawks.

For further information on the venue visit

For further information on the Santa Fe Art Walk visit:

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