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Heywire (Improv Group)

Project: Heywire Improv Group
Institution: Augustana College-IL

During my time at Augustana College-IL, I had the privilege of being a part of the renowned improv group called Heywire. Heywire was a dynamic and exciting troupe that specialized in short form improv, delivering weekly performances filled with laughter and spontaneity. Our shows featured a variety of games and interactive scenes, ensuring a fresh and entertaining experience for our audience every time.

Being a member of Heywire provided me with a solid foundation in the art of improvisation. Through countless rehearsals and performances, I honed my ability to think on my feet, embrace the unexpected, and create compelling narratives in the spur of the moment. Each show was a collaborative effort, where my fellow improvisers and I relied on each other's quick thinking and adaptability to create hilarious and memorable scenes.

Heywire wasn't just limited to our weekly performances. We also had the opportunity to collaborate with other performance groups both on and off-campus. These collaborations enriched our experiences and allowed us to explore different styles of improv, broaden our horizons, and connect with a diverse range of performers.

My journey with Heywire wasn't without its challenges. After initially not making the cut in my first audition, I persisted and was determined to improve my skills. Eventually, I earned a spot on the team, and for the following two years, I dedicated myself to the craft of improv.

Beyond the stage, the skills I acquired through Heywire have had a significant impact on my career and everyday life. Improvisation has taught me the importance of adaptability, active listening, and trusting my instincts. These skills have proven invaluable in auditions, rehearsals, and on-set situations, allowing me to respond in the moment and make bold choices as an actor.

Moreover, the lessons I learned from Heywire extend beyond my professional pursuits. Improv has given me the confidence to navigate unpredictable situations, embrace spontaneity, and foster strong connections with others. It has become an integral part of my everyday life, helping me to approach challenges with creativity and a sense of playfulness.

I am immensely grateful for my time with Heywire at Augustana College-IL. It provided me with the platform to develop as an improviser, collaborate with talented performers, and forge lasting memories. The lessons and experiences I gained during those two years continue to shape my artistic journey and enhance my personal growth.

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