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Gary John Miller acting in Electric Theater Unplugged

Electric Theater Unplugged

During my time at Augustana College-IL, I had the incredible opportunity to be a part of Electric Theater Unplugged, a unique writer-performer experience that pushed the boundaries of creativity and collaboration. Electric Theater Unplugged was an exhilarating platform where we showcased a collection of short plays in a fast-paced and interactive format.

With three shows per year, each featuring different casts, Electric Theater Unplugged provided an exciting and ever-changing environment for both writers and performers. As a collective, we were tasked with writing approximately 30 short plays, which had to be performed within the span of an hour. This compressed timeline and the need for brevity fostered a sense of urgency and creativity, pushing us to craft impactful stories within tight constraints.

One of the defining features of Electric Theater Unplugged was the audience's involvement. As the plays were performed, a name or image would be strung across the back of the theater, and the audience would have the power to choose which play they wanted to see next. This interactive element added an element of unpredictability and chaos, making each performance a thrilling and unique experience.

Participating in Electric Theater Unplugged allowed me to develop both my writing and performance skills in tandem. As a writer, I learned the art of condensing narratives and delivering impactful moments within a limited timeframe. It challenged me to think creatively and experiment with different styles and themes, ultimately sharpening my storytelling abilities.

Simultaneously, as a performer, I embraced the challenge of bringing these written works to life on stage. The fast-paced nature of the production demanded quick thinking, adaptability, and the ability to seamlessly transition between characters and stories. It provided me with a valuable opportunity to refine my performance skills, explore diverse roles, and connect with fellow actors in an electrifying ensemble.

Electric Theater Unplugged was an immersive and transformative experience, not only for the writers and performers but also for the audience. The dynamic interaction between the performers and spectators created an electric energy in the theater, fostering a unique bond and shared experience between everyone present.

Through the chaos and controlled mayhem, Electric Theater Unplugged shaped me as an artist and taught me invaluable lessons in collaboration, creativity, and adaptability. The skills and experiences gained from this project continue to resonate in my writing, performance, and overall artistic approach.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of Electric Theater Unplugged at Augustana College-IL. It provided me with a supportive and stimulating environment to grow as both a writer and performer. The memories and lessons from this project will forever hold a special place in my artistic journey.

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