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Ben & Gary: Live Sketch Comedy

Project type

Sketch Comedy




Voodoo Comedy Playhouse (Denver, CO)


Writer + Performer

"Ben & Gary: Live Sketch Comedy" is an hour-long sketch show co-written and performed by Gary John Miller and Ben Hilzer at the former Voodoo Comedy Playhouse. This hilarious and inventive production features a variety of original sketches, showcasing our comedic chemistry and shared creative vision.

The show's three-run performance was a resounding success, with all shows selling out and leaving audiences craving more. The overwhelmingly positive response from attendees propelled us to continue performing these sketches beyond the initial run, allowing us to share our comedic talents with an ever-expanding audience.

Capturing the live energy of the performances, the show was professionally recorded and is now available for streaming. This recording ensures that the laughter and joy of "Ben & Gary: Live Sketch Comedy" can be experienced by a wider audience, regardless of location or time.

Through this collaborative project, Ben Hilzer and I brought our unique comedic perspectives to life, creating memorable characters and scenarios that resonated with audiences. The success of the show at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse and its ongoing availability for streaming stand as a testament to our ability to entertain and engage viewers through our creative and comedic talents.

"Ben & Gary: Live Sketch Comedy" is a testament to the power of collaboration, creativity, and the universal language of laughter. It remains an exciting chapter in our comedic journey, and we look forward to sharing the joy and hilarity of our sketches with even more audiences in the future.

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