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A Night With David Ives

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Augustana College-IL


Best Actor in a Studio Production - Bill (All in The Timing)


Director - The Philadelphia


Bill - All in The Timing


Horace - Time Flies

In my portfolio, I proudly showcase my involvement in a celebration of the renowned playwright David Ives. This project allowed me to explore two of Ives' captivating plays, "The Philadelphia" and "Time Flies," both of which offered unique and engaging experiences for both the cast and the audience.

As the director of "The Philadelphia," I had the opportunity to bring Ives' witty and thought-provoking script to life. Collaborating with a talented cast and dedicated production team, we worked together to capture the essence of Ives' comedic genius and deliver an entertaining and engaging performance.

In "Time Flies," I had the privilege of portraying the characters Horace and Bill as part of the larger play "All in The Timing." These roles challenged me to delve into Ives' intricate characters and deliver their stories with depth and authenticity. It was a rewarding experience to bring these complex and diverse characters to the stage, immersing myself in the world of Ives' writing.

I am proud to share that my performance in "All in The Timing" earned me the honor of receiving the Best Studio Actor award from Alpha Psi Omega, a recognition that highlights the dedication and commitment I brought to the role.

By including my involvement in this celebration of David Ives in my portfolio, I aim to showcase my versatility as both a director and an actor. It highlights my ability to interpret and bring to life the works of a highly regarded playwright, and the recognition I received for my performance serves as a testament to my dedication to the craft.

This project allowed me to explore the complexities and nuances of Ives' writing, bringing his words to life on the stage and immersing audiences in captivating and entertaining experiences. It is with great pride that I share my contributions to this celebration of David Ives as a significant part of my theatrical journey.

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