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Short Film




Denver, CO


Actor, Writer

I had the pleasure of working on a short comedic film with Angotango Pictures, starring Megan Elisabeth Kelly. The film revolves around a doctor who struggles with imposter syndrome and feels inadequate in his profession. However, there is a surprising twist at the end that adds an unexpected comedic element to the story.

The film delves into the complexities of imposter syndrome, a psychological phenomenon where individuals doubt their abilities and fear being exposed as frauds despite their accomplishments. Through the character of the doctor, the film explores the comedic consequences that arise from his self-doubt and lack of confidence in his skills.

Working with Angotango Pictures on this project was a delightful experience. The production team's dedication to creating a quality comedic film was evident in their attention to detail and commitment to bringing the story to life. From the script development to the filming process, everyone involved contributed their expertise and creativity to deliver a memorable and entertaining final product.

The inclusion of Megan Elisabeth Kelly as the lead added a captivating performance to the film. Her comedic timing and talent brought depth and nuance to the character, allowing the audience to empathize with the doctor's internal struggles while finding humor in the situation.

The twist at the end of the film serves as a surprising revelation that adds an extra layer of comedy to the narrative. It leaves the audience with a sense of satisfaction and an unexpected resolution that challenges their initial assumptions about the doctor's competence.

This short comedic film with Angotango Pictures showcases the power of storytelling to entertain and evoke laughter while addressing relatable themes such as imposter syndrome. It highlights the collaborative efforts of the production team, the comedic talent of the actors, and the creativity involved in crafting a twist that adds an element of surprise to the story.

Being part of this project allowed me to contribute to a comedic narrative that engages the audience, challenges assumptions, and ultimately delivers a satisfying and humorous experience. The memories created during the production process and the final result of the film continue to remind me of the joys of collaborating with a talented team to bring a comedic vision to life.

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