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Andy from Milk N Cookies screams to the sky in a Christmas Sweater

Milk N Cookies

Project type

Short Film




Denver, CO




"Milk N Cookies" is a delightful Christmas comedy short film that emerged from a creative collaboration between Loste Films and Best Worst Cantina Media. In this festive production, I had the pleasure of playing Andy, a character with a unique and peculiar belief about Santa Claus.

Bringing Andy to life was an absolute blast. I embraced the comedic elements of the script and infused the character with my own sense of humor, creating a memorable and entertaining portrayal. Through Andy's strange belief, the film explored the joy and magic of the holiday season, inviting audiences to suspend their disbelief and join in the laughter.

The collaboration between Loste Films and Best Worst Cantina Media ensured that the film was crafted with meticulous attention to detail, capturing the spirit of Christmas while infusing it with humor and heart. The production team's dedication and creative vision made the experience truly enjoyable, resulting in a delightful short film that brings a smile to viewers' faces.

Playing Andy in "Milk N Cookies" allowed me to showcase my comedic timing and ability to embrace quirky characters. It was a project that brought together talented professionals who shared a passion for storytelling and creating lighthearted entertainment.

This Christmas comedy short film remains a cherished addition to my portfolio, highlighting my versatility as an actor and my commitment to delivering engaging performances in comedic narratives. "Milk N Cookies" is a testament to the joy of collaboration and the power of laughter to bring people together, particularly during the holiday season.

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