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The story of Martha Curnutt

Martha is a short-film centered around actual events that occurred in Missouri in 1843. In a crime that shocked her small town a woman by the name of Martha Curnutt was found guilty of the brutal murder of her husband. At the time of her conviction, Martha was one of two women who had ever served in the state penitentiary and was forced to live among the male inmates.

In the 1800’s under the laws of coverture, a woman’s rights and privileges were given up to her husband and he was allowed to make any and all decisions in her regard. Under this system women were allowed to be beaten by their husband and be fully protected under the law of the United States. Martha was a product of that law and it is only when she took matters into her own hands did she start to have some control over her life, and the safety of her children. That freedom however, was short lived. She was quickly charged and forced to pay the price of her crime. Originally charged with murder, she was able to procure a lesser charge of first degree manslaughter and evaded the electric chair.

While in prison she was harassed, threatened and tormented. The horrors on the inside of the penitentiary forced Martha to fight for her life and face her biggest challenges yet. The story of Martha is one of survival against all odds and perseverance against immense injustice.

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