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If a Restaurant Was Like The Internet . . .

Project type

Short Film




Denver, CO


Writer, Producer, Actor


"If a Restaurant was like the Internet" is a satirical take on the concept of net neutrality, a timely and important issue at the time of its creation. Written in 2017 following a significant decision on net neutrality, this project humorously explores the potential consequences of a non-neutral internet through the lens of a couple visiting a restaurant.

The story unfolds as the couple enters the restaurant and discovers a multitude of hidden fees, paralleling the idea of restricted access and extra charges that could occur in a non-neutral online environment. The satirical nature of the film cleverly highlights the potential pitfalls and frustrations that could arise if the principles of net neutrality were not upheld.

Despite the tight timeframe of a four-day turnaround, the production team and everyone involved demonstrated tremendous dedication and talent in bringing the project to fruition. The success of "If a Restaurant was like the Internet" is evident through its remarkable achievement of 150,000 views in a single day. This rapid viewership attests to the film's ability to capture the attention and engage audiences with its witty and relevant social commentary.

The collaborative efforts of the production team, including the writers, actors, and crew, were instrumental in the success of the project. Their commitment and creativity allowed the film to effectively communicate its message while entertaining viewers. Through their collective efforts, they crafted a piece that resonated with a wide audience, sparking conversation and raising awareness about the importance of net neutrality.

The impact of "If a Restaurant was like the Internet" extends beyond its immediate viewership. By using satire and humor to tackle a complex issue, the film served as a means to educate and engage the public on the principles and potential consequences of net neutrality. It contributed to the broader discourse surrounding internet regulation and the importance of preserving an open and neutral online environment.

Participating in the creation of "If a Restaurant was like the Internet" was an exhilarating experience, driven by the urgency to address a pertinent issue and communicate it effectively through satire. The success of the film, both in terms of viewership and its impact on the public dialogue, is a testament to the power of storytelling and its ability to shed light on societal issues.

The project's accomplishments, coupled with the exceptional teamwork and dedication of all involved, have created a lasting memory and a testament to the importance of creative expression in raising awareness and sparking conversations about relevant topics.

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