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Bob Mazooka: Fun Time Action Hour For Kids

Project Type




Production Role

Writer, Actor, Director, Producer, Editor


Bob Mazooka


Film Festival

Black Squirrel Film Festival (2014)

Film Festival

Direct Short Online Film Festival (2013)

"Bob Mazooka: Fun Time Action Hour for Kids" was an ambitious and exciting feature-length film that I had the privilege of working on. Shot over the course of several months, this project brought together a passionate team of individuals who dedicated their time and talents to bring our vision to life.

Throughout the production, we were fortunate to have the support of a wide range of people who believed in the project. Friends and colleagues generously donated their songs, contributing to the film's soundtrack and enhancing the overall experience. The collaborative nature of the film extended to the production itself, as volunteers would come at odd hours to assist with the filming process, highlighting the shared enthusiasm for the project.

Working on "Bob Mazooka: Fun Time Action Hour for Kids" provided me with valuable insights into character development. As we delved into the creation of the titular character, we explored various facets of his personality, motivations, and quirks. This process allowed me to deepen my understanding of character building, discovering new ways to bring depth and authenticity to my performances.

One remarkable outcome of the project was the cult following that grew around the film and the character of Bob Mazooka. The film struck a chord with audiences, capturing their imagination and leaving a lasting impression. The experience of witnessing the film develop a dedicated fan base has been incredibly rewarding, and the opportunity to revisit the character and the film has been a source of joy and nostalgia.

The impact of "Bob Mazooka: Fun Time Action Hour for Kids" extends beyond its initial release. The cult status it has achieved demonstrates the power of storytelling to resonate with audiences and create lasting connections. It is a testament to the passion and dedication poured into the project by everyone involved.

Revisiting the film and the character of Bob Mazooka has been a delightful journey. It allows us to revisit the magic of the original project and reconnect with the spirit that made it such a unique and cherished experience. The cult following reminds us of the impact we can have as creators and the enduring appeal of characters and stories that capture the hearts and imaginations of audiences.

"Bob Mazooka: Fun Time Action Hour for Kids" holds a special place in my career and artistic journey. It represents the collaborative spirit, the boundless creativity, and the enduring love for storytelling that continue to drive me as an actor. It is a project that has brought joy to many and has left an indelible mark on the hearts of those who have experienced it.

I think it was surreal seeing a friend of mine wear the character as a costume and make me a toy from the film.

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