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Commercial & UGC




Denver, CO (World Wide)


Spokesperson & Producer

During my tenure at Veriheal, I played a pivotal role as the company's Spokesperson and Multimedia Producer, leaving an indelible mark on their brand identity and digital presence. As the face of the company, I led various aspects of video production, tutorials, commercials, podcasts, and branding initiatives, contributing significantly to the company's growth and recognition within the cannabis industry.

Highlights of my contributions include:

Video View Milestones: I spearheaded the achievement of significant video milestones, surpassing 100,000 views twice - once at 110,000 and another at an impressive 675,000 views. These achievements were unprecedented for the company before my arrival, highlighting my ability to create compelling content that resonated with the audience.

TikTok Strategy: I was responsible for launching and managing the Veriheal TikTok account from scratch. Through innovative content strategies and engaging videos, I successfully garnered a following of 5500 within just a few months, showcasing my knack for understanding and engaging with digital audiences.

Podcast Creation: I conceptualized and brought to life Veriheal's "Tiny Tokes Podcast," delivering weekly, bite-sized cannabis news updates to our audience. This initiative not only demonstrated my creative thinking but also solidified Veriheal as a reliable source of industry information.

Innovative Commercial Production: I played a pivotal role in producing a groundbreaking commercial that marked one of the first cannabis commercials to air in the New York market during a high-profile sports event. My responsibilities included casting, scripting, and negotiations, which collectively saved the company $20,000 while still achieving substantial viewership.

Engaging Podcasting: As the producer of the "Room#420 Podcast," I orchestrated captivating conversations with influential figures in the cannabis space. The podcast garnered tens of thousands of views on YouTube, featuring activists, magazine owners, and key industry players, further establishing Veriheal's authority in the cannabis domain.

Weekly Video Host: As the host of a weekly video segment, I delivered concise and informative cannabis news updates to diverse platforms including Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube. My scripting expertise ensured effective communication across various formats, leading to consistently high engagement. I average 9 Videos a week for the company.

Strategic Blogging: I initiated and maintained a company blog that resonated with readers, accumulating nearly 100,000 views. My informative and insightful content contributed to the company's thought leadership and industry credibility.

Lasting Content Strategy: I formulated and implemented a content strategy that continues to yield positive results for Veriheal, even after my departure. The enduring impact of my contributions highlights my ability to create evergreen content with lasting value.

In summary, my multifaceted role at Veriheal as Spokesperson and Multimedia Producer has significantly shaped the company's image and engagement within the cannabis industry. My achievements in video production, podcasting, branding, and content strategy underscore my capacity to create compelling content, engage audiences, and leave a lasting impact.

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